Growing up, my mother (rest her soul) was a firm believer in alternative medicine. Preventively and also as a cure. It was only when nature had failed, that she succumbed to the authority of Hyppocrates and those that swore by his oath; doctors and their chemical concoctions, erstwhile known as medicine…well to me at that … Continue reading BITTER SWEET


A couple of weeks ago I met with a learned friend of mine along with a few other people at his residence. Together, we broke bread and toasted to life over a bottle of Single Malt from the Scottish Highlands, as we took in the breath taking night skies of Kampala from one of the … Continue reading SPEAK OUT


As a child, my parents through various efforts did their best to make sure we were well rounded children. It was a harrowing experience to a greater extent and a rather disconcerting one to the lesser extent. This involved making sure we were well behaved and decent enough to take out in public without embarrassing … Continue reading DRAW YOUR DREAM