There’s something about Sundays. Things move slower but better, the birds sing a new song, the clouds make way for the sun to show off its glory and even the odd Vitz on the road looks less like a potty on wheels. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that God is well rested after Sabbath … Continue reading STIR IT UP


A debt is a promise; perhaps the more apt way of putting the ancient adage. And a promise is an irrevocable commitment to do something. The reason why debts are taken (or rather should be taken) with the magnanimity of a divine covenant is because like a promise, the dispensation is given with infallibility in … Continue reading DEBT TO SELF


Growing up, my mother (rest her soul) was a firm believer in alternative medicine. Preventively and also as a cure. It was only when nature had failed, that she succumbed to the authority of Hyppocrates and those that swore by his oath; doctors and their chemical concoctions, erstwhile known as medicine…well to me at that … Continue reading BITTER SWEET